Tuesday’s Nationals-Phillies lineups

PHILADELPHIA - Good afternoon from Citizens Bank Park. Here are the Nationals’ and Phillies’ lineups for tonight’s game.

There’s quite a bit of trading tonight - former Nationals Brian Schneider and Pete Orr are in the Phillies’ lineup, and Jayson Werth, of course, is in the Nationals’ lineup for his return to Philadelphia. Should be an interesting night, as the Nationals play their 1,000th game with Livan Hernandez on the mound - same as he was for the first game they ever played in Philadelphia in 2005.

Espinosa - 2B
Desmond - SS
Werth - RF
LaRoche - 1B
Morse - LF
Hairston - CF
Rodriguez - C
Bixler - 3B
Hernandez - P

Rollins - SS
Victorino - CF
Polanco - 3B
Howard - 1B
Francisco - RF
Ibanez - LF
Orr - 2B
Schneider - C
Hamels - P