Danny Espinosa hit in hand at end of Nationals-Giants

SAN FRANCISCO - Nationals second baseman Danny Espinosa got hit in the left hand when he swung at Matt Cain’s final pitch of the Giants’ 3-1 win Wednesday afternoon. A team spokesman did not have results on X-rays after the game, and Espinosa declined to talk after the game. His left hand was wrapped, but he was packing his bags for the team’s flight to San Diego without any assistance.

Manager Jim Riggleman tried to discuss the call with the entire umpiring crew after the game, wanting to get a clearer explanation of whether the ball had hit Espinosa’s bat before hitting his hand; if it did, it would have been a foul ball. But Riggleman said he couldn’t get an explanation from umpires.

“It probably was a swing. The third base umpire had it as a swing. The home plate umpire had it as a swing,” Riggleman said. “If it hit any part of the bat, then it’s a foul ball. If it hits his hand - that’s the explanation I was trying to get. I really never was told that the ball hit only him. You can’t walk off the field. The game is over. I’m just trying to ask the umpires for somewhat of a lengthy explanation, rather than, ‘It hit him,’ and then they walk away. I wasn’t going to argue with him. I just wanted a very clear explanation, and I didn’t get it.”

Espinosa, who went 1-for-4 on Wednesday, has been hit by a league-leading 12 pitches this season. He leads the team in homers and is tied for the team lead in RBIs. If he broke a bone in his hand, it would be quite a blow for the Nationals.

“Obviously, it’s too early to tell yet,” Riggleman said. “He got hit pretty good.”