Mariners-Nationals lineups for Wednesday (updated)

Here is the Nationals’ and Mariners’ lineups for tonight’s game at Nationals Park. Laynce Nix is out of the lineup tonight with a sore right Achilles tendon, and with left-hander Erik Bedard on the mound, the Nationals probably would have been looking to sit him or Roger Bernadina anyway.

A couple notes from the park: Ryan Zimmerman is out for early work, practicing throws from third base. He’s still looked unsteady; many of his throws are forcing Trent Jewett to crouch low or move to his right at first base, but Zimmerman has made a few sharp throws, especially when he’s fired sidearm.

Ivan Rodriguez was also out for early work, taking throws from the mound and firing to second base, where his son Dereck - a fifth-round pick of the Twins - was there to receive throws. As free coaching goes, that’s not too bad.

Ichiro - RF
Ryan - SS
Smoak - 1B
Olivo - C
Gutierrez - CF
Halman - LF
Figgins - 3B
Wilson - 2B
Bedard - P

Werth - RF
Desmond - SS
Zimmerman - 3B
Morse - 1B
Espinosa - 2B
Ramos - C
Hairston - LF
Lannan - P
Bernadina - CF