Nationals chase Lincecum early, build 4-0 lead over Giants

SAN FRANCISCO - At this point, the Nationals’ ability to get to Tim Lincecum seems like more than a fluke. They beat him in San Francisco last year, won against him again in Washington early this year and tonight, they’ve got a 4-0 lead after knocking him out of the game in five innings.

In their last three games against Lincecum before tonight, they’re 3-0. And he’s got a 7.02 ERA against them since the start of the 2009 season.

Michael Morse, again, has done most of the damage tonight; he obliterated a low fastball from Lincecum in the second inning, and drove in another two runs with a double in the third. The Nationals could stand to add on to their lead here, but John Lannan has cruised through five innings with a one-hitter, and he’s facing an offense that can struggle to score as much as the Naitonals do. They’ve got a good chance to get another win against Lincecum and go to 3-2 on this road trip.