Zimmerman makes throwing error in second inning, but Nationals lead Mariners

The Nationals continue to say that Ryan Zimmerman’s revamped throwing mechanics aren’t a big issue; manager Jim Riggleman watched the third baseman throw today and said it was the best Zimmerman had looked. But it’s fairly easy to see that Zimmerman still isn’t completely comfortable with his throws.

While he was taking extra infield practice today, he pushed several throws to the high side of first base, forcing coach Trent Jewett to his right to catch the throws. He had an easy ground ball in the fourth inning tonight against the Mariners, and threw to the right of Michael Morse, putting Franklin Gutierrez on base on what should have been a fairly easy play.

The Nationals have a 2-1 lead after four innings, scoring both of their runs after the Mariners committed two errors of their own. But Zimmerman’s throwing mechanics are far from settled. He looks fine when he’s making sidearm throws, but his throws on routine balls still seem like an issue.