Nationals and Cubs tied; Gorzelanny playing with fire

The Nationals and Cubs are tied at two runs, with each team having hit a two-run homer (Danny Espinosa in the first inning for the Nationals, Carlos Pena in the second for the Cubs). But the way Tom Gorzelanny has pitched in the first three innings has brought some cause for concern.

The groundout he just recorded against Marlon Byrd in the fourth inning was his first, and in addition to giving up a homer and three singles, he’s allowed five flyouts to deep center, including three that sent Roger Bernadina all the way to the wall.

He’s got a ground ball-to-fly ball ratio lower than 1.0 for the first time since 2008, when he had a 6.66 ERA. He’s survived because of his ability to miss bats (9.8 percent of his strikes are on swings and misses), but the 13 homers Gorzelanny has given up in his 13 starts (including tonight’s game) might be the most concerning aspect of his pitching. As it is, he’s thrown 61 pitches through four innings, and if the Cubs had squared up a couple balls just a little better, the Nationals might be behind.