Nationals fall behind Braves, but pull even on Little League homer, of sorts (updated)

Remember in Little League, when you’d hit a double, take second and third on a pair of errors and brag to your friends that you hit a home run? The Nationals just tied the game in that fashion.

Roger Bernadina drove a ball into the gap in right center, and pitcher Tom Gorzelanny raced all the way around from first, colliding with catcher Brian McCann as the ball got away. Bernadina, who was awarded a triple, was right behind Gorzelanny, and came home for a game-tying run. It was an odd way to tie the game, but it’s right in keeping with what’s happened so far.

Gorzelanny walked three batters - being called for his third walk by umpire Dana Demuth after he went to his mouth and failed to wipe his hand - and threw a wild pitch in addition to giving up a hit. In light of all that, it’s probably a surprise the Nationals were only down 2-0.

Despite settling down in the second inning, Gorzelanny has already thrown 46 pitches. He needed 33 to get through the first inning, and came up limping after that collision at home. But when he heads back out for the third inning, he’ll at least have a tie game.

Update: That collision at home plate took Gorzelanny out of the game; he came out after trying to make his warmup pitches in the third inning, and Henry Rodriguez has replaced him.