Tyler Clippard gives up one hit, but in line for the win

PHOENIX - It’s been a while since we’ve seen Tyler Clippard vulture a win the way he did last year - when the Nationals often took leads after Clippard had pitched, sometimes regaining them after he gave them up. Well, he’s got a chance to do that at the All-Star Game tonight.

Clippard allowed a single to Adrian Beltre in the fourth inning, but when Hunter Pence threw a dart to home plate to retire Jose Bautista, the National League got out of the inning only down 1-0. And Clippard was still the pitcher when Prince Fielder hit a three-run homer in the bottom of the fourth to give the NL a 3-1 lead.

That’s where we sit at the moment, with Clayton Kershaw having replaced Clippard.

And if this lead holds up, Clippard would get the win.

He would be the second Nationals reliever in as many years to get the win in the All-Star Game; Matt Capps was the winning pitcher last year after striking out David Ortiz in a one-batter appearance.

(By the way, five of Clippard’s team-leading 11 wins last year came after he blew a save.)