Game resumes, Phillies storm out to lead on Nationals

See what I did there?

All puns aside, the Nationals might have wished they could have come back tomorrow and try this one again. Livan Hernandez gave up four runs on six hits in the third inning, and the Nationals already have Tom Gorzelanny warming up in the bullpen. It’s 4-1 Phillies after 3 1/2 innings at Nationals Park.

We’ll have to see how Hernandez was feeling, but the Nationals certainly could have used one of their long relievers (Gorzelanny or Collin Balester) to start the resumed game after a two-hour, 22-minute rain delay. They have eight relievers in their bullpen for nights like these. Hernandez probably will say he was fine, and undoubtedly lobbied to stay in the game, but it hasn’t worked out well for him tonight. He got through the fourth inning in order, though, and might be able to salvage a five-inning start out of this one after all.

But the Nationals are down 4-1, and they’ll have to rally against Kyle Kendrick.