Nationals trailing Diamondbacks 2-0

The Nationals, who could have traded for Diamondbacks starter Dan Hudson last year, are getting a first-hand look at why general manager Mike Rizzo wanted him. The right-hander has retired 12 of the last 13 hitters he’s faced, striking out three tonight with a biting fastball and sharp slider, and the Diamondbacks have a 2-0 lead on the Nationals.

Livan Hernandez got hurt by his defense in the fourth inning when Jonny Gomes couldn’t pick up a Chris Young double in the left field corner. But Hernandez also floated a curveball to Young, and gave up two other singles in the fourth. He’s only allowed five hits tonight, but with the Nationals doing so little against Hudson, he hasn’t had much margin for error.

The Nationals haven’t scored since the fourth inning of Monday night’s game against Arizona, and they’re heading into the bottom of the sixth inning in another deficit. We’ll see if they can climb out of it.