Chien-Ming Wang solid through three innings; Nationals lead 4-1

We’ve played three innings at Nationals Park, and for the second straight outing, Chien-Ming Wang has gotten off to a good start. He’s had an effective sinker, throwing 25 strikes in 40 pitches, and he’s allowed just one hit through three innings as the Nationals lead the Marlins 1-0.

Wang has pitched two straight scoreless first innings after struggling early in his first few starts this season. He’s got four groundouts in the first three innings, and has a pair of strikeouts.

The Nationals got their only run on a sacrifice fly by first baseman Chris Marrero, who lofted a sacrifice fly to right field in the second inning. For a young hitter, Marrero has a good knack for what to do with a runner on third. He doesn’t try to pull the ball unnecessarily, and looks for a pitch he can get in the air. He’s got three sacrifice flies in 20 games, and this one scored Jonny Gomes, who slid under Brett Hayes’ tag at the plate.

So it’s 1-0 Nationals, and Wang will try to keep things going through the middle innings.