Poll: Gauging the buzz for Strasburg’s return (updated)

We’re about seven hours from Stephen Strasburg’s return to the majors, and while there’s more anticipation surrounding his first start after Tommy John surgery than there has been for just about any Nationals game this season, there’s nowhere near the same kind of fervor there was for his major league debut last year.

A dreary forecast has tickets running at deep discounts on the secondary market, and the Nationals ran several ads during yesterday’s game advertising tickets for tonight’s game against the Dodgers. There will be a media crush tonight, but not at the unprecedented levels (pregame countdowns, ESPN and MLB Network hosting live coverage from Nationals Park) that we saw last June.

This is where I’d love to hear from you: How excited are you for Strasburg’s return? Is there the same level of buzz that there was last year, or is it less because he’s only slated to throw a few innings and because you’ve seen him before?

Weigh in below using our poll, and in the comments section, tell me about why you voted the way you did. I’ll compile the results and report back this afternoon.

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Update at 3:49 p.m.: Well, apparently there’s more buzz than I thought: 56.1 percent of you said you’re as excited for tonight’s start as you were about Strasburg’s debut last year, and another 19.5 percent said you were more excited about tonight. Only 24.4 percent have said they were less excited for tonight’s start than Strasburg’s spectacular debut last year.

Now we’ll have to see if we can get the game in.