Nationals’ spring training schedule coming together

A few of the teams the Nationals will play next spring in the Grapefruit League have released their schedules, which means we’re able to piece together a few of the team’s 2012 spring training dates.

Here’s what’s been released so far, courtesy of the always-handy Spring Training Online:

3/3 at Houston
3/4 vs. Houston
3/6 at Atlanta
3/8 vs. Houston
3/10 vs. New York Mets
3/11 at St. Louis
3/14 at Atlanta (night game)
3/21 vs. Atlanta
3/23 at Houston
3/25 vs. New York Mets
3/26 vs. Houston
3/29 vs. Atlanta
3/31 vs. St. Louis
4/1 at St. Louis
4/3 vs. Boston (at Nationals Park)

That’s 15 dates so far. We’re still waiting on the Tigers and Marlins to release their schedules, and of course, the Nationals have yet to release theirs. But part of the 2012 spring slate is in place.