Wild card at week's end

The football season in the NFL has come down to the haves and the have nots, and we know that - for another season anyway - the burgundy and gold will reside with the have nots. But this is the second season the players and coaches talk about, and as of now everyone has the same record. Four games gets it all started this weekend, ... read more

Food for thought

If you listened to any of the postgame interviews after the New York Giants mercifully brought the 'Skins' 2010-2011 campaign to a close, you might have thought that they actually won the game. I kept hearing phases like, "We are so close," and, "We've got a lot of talent on this team," and the ever-popular, "We kept fighting 'till the end." In my vast experience ... read more

Have Some Fruitcake

It turns out with the Burgundy and Gold's season in the bag, they have become very difficult to follow. It's not because Rex is the QB; they would have the same lack of sex appeal if Ole Number 5 were quarterbacking. All the new guys, who are playing as well as they can, aren't really getting me revved up. The problem lies in the fact ... read more

Need Blasting Caps

A slight melancholy came over me after the defeat at Dallas. It was like both barrels discharging simultaneously, a real jolt! I came to the conclusion that it's possible, Coach Shanahan had come to the conclusion he should have come to when he signed on -- that it was going to take time. When I took that in, I realized we're all headed into a ... read more

Go Young, Old Man

There's not much left to say about the Burgundy and Gold's season at this point; we all know the same thing. Mike Shanahan's return to head coaching status in the NFL has not gone particularly well or as planned. What's the saying "Same old Jets"? But at least the drama is gone, for now anyway. I'm not sure the loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ... read more

Good News

Good News! Guess what! I just found out last week that I'm now eligible to become a Washington Redskins season ticket holder!!! Oh Happy Day!!! How long have I dreamed of joining the throngs and cheering the B&G on to the playoffs! But that's not all! If I invest a slightly larger amount, I can upgrade to a seat with an unobstructed view! I even ... read more

Big Al, Everybody's Friend

In the end, we all do what's best for us. Some of us have no problem cutting in line and taking our chunk straight off the top in plain view of the entire world, then sleep like a baby full of mother's milk. Some of us take our sliver from an edge on the bottom, obscure to everyone and everything, but an electron microscope, and ... read more

The Last Crusade

There has to be a sense of hopelessness in Ashburn right now. Shanahan must be reeling; he has coached up a poorly performing football team. With seven minutes to go in yesterday's game the shot of him on the sidelines indicated a guy who had lost his will to resist, and I think he's in trouble. I also think the team knows he has no ... read more