Food for thought

If you listened to any of the postgame interviews after the New York Giants mercifully brought the ‘Skins’ 2010-2011 campaign to a close, you might have thought that they actually won the game. I kept hearing phases like, “We are so close,” and, “We’ve got a lot of talent on this team,” and the ever-popular, “We kept fighting ‘till the end.” In my vast experience as a football pundit, (Hey, who’ll believe it if I don’t?), I’ve found that these expressions are commonly heard in one place; the losers’ lockerroom!

What appears to be happening here is the development of a culture that promotes good effort as being equal to winning. Since the results on the scoreboard have been so underwhelming, Mad Doctor Shanahan and his henchmen are trying to satisfy our cravings for success with some valiant effort tofu. That low-calorie football may have worked in Denver, but in Chocolate City, we need something fattening!

I don’t want to fear any more of this evaluation nonsense. A great - no, even a good organization - does its evaluation prior to the season. What was all that OTA hoopla about, anyway? Do you mean to tell me that Shanny and son studied the film on these guys for six months and still can’t tell who can ball and who can’t. Preposterous.

Those who dared to ask a question about the goings on at Fort Ashburn were met with mockery and distain. Anytime I heard, “I was pleased with the effort,” I auto-translated it to, “Yep, we lost another one. Oh, well.” We, as fans, cannot accept this nonsense. We don’t have to point the finger at under-producing players and at the same time give the coaches, management and ownership a free pass. We don’t have to go through what we go through to get to the game, pay what we pay to park at the game and then accept this garbage they serve up as professional football.

To paraphrase someone’s late grandfather, “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining!”