Wiggy’s an All-Star and MLB thoughts

First of all, congratulations to the Orioles’ Ty Wigginton for making his first All-Star game this year. Wigginton will be the sole representative for the Orioles in Anaheim for the Midsummer Classic on July 13.

Wigginton, who was unsure of his role coming into the regular season, emerged as one of the hottest bats and most versatile position players on the O’s team this season with 14 home runs and 44 RBI. In his ninth year in the Majors, rumors are now circulating that Wigginton could be dealt by the trade deadline to a contending team, leaving the O’s without their most trustworthy bat and valued glove.


- Where do you guys think Cliff Lee will end up, and if you had to choose between the Yankees and the Rays - the O’s division rivals - where would you rather see him go? I think I know the answer to that one but I had to ask anyway.

And BJ Upton could be heading to Seattle? Hard to imagine him not in a Rays uniform. But then again, I said that about Scott Kazmir.

- A man falls from the second deck at the Rangers game Tuesday night after reaching for a foul ball? Help me understand this, fans. Why do you all go so crazy over foul balls? I’m trying to figure out what you do with the ball once you get it home. Hmm... And if they’re so important, why do you throw back home run balls? I would think those are the ones worth keeping? No?

- I had a great Fourth of July weekend in New York City with my girlfriends. I needed some gal time and I haven’t seen my friends since I moved to Baltimore in April. So happy birthday to my friend Katie, another fabulous sports writer (hockey) in the business. In fact, while we were at dinner, I realized we were all sports gals - Two football reporters, one baseball (me), and then Katie who covers the NHL.

Ya know, it’s nice to have girlfriends who also work in sports. I truly believe we all need to support each other and pull for each other and not bring each other down. So kudos to the cool and respectful sports girls of the world.

- Johan Santana hit his first career home run yesterday at Citi Field - pretty cool. Oh and he also threw a complete game three-hit shutout. Amazin’. Just amazin’.

- Also a quick congratulations to Robinson Cano of the Yankees for making the All-Star team. Cano has emerged as one of the premiere players in the game today. Having watched him grow and come up from the Yankees’ minor league system, this nod is well-deserved. Cano is batting .337, good for fourth in the AL, with 16 home runs - tied with Carlos Pena for 10th in the AL, and 55 RBI, also good for 10th.

- Ryan Zimmerman needs your votes! Zimmerman hit the Nats’ walk-off home run last night against the Padres and continues to make his case for an All-Star bid. MASN viewers would love to see Zim in an NL uniform in Anaheim, so make sure you vote on MLB.com for Nats 3B Ryan Zimmerman, who is currently trailing Joey Votto of the Reds.

- And speaking of the All-Star voting, I have never seen so many fans, players and other celebrities involved in such a vote. Nick Swisher, who like Zimmerman is in the running for the final spot in his respective league, has Tweeted names like Donald Trump, JLo and Puff Daddy for voting help. Must be nice having friends in such high places. Go Swish.

That’s it for now. I’m heading to DC to sit with Adam Dunn for his video blog, so be sure to log on later to see what I’ve come up with this week.

It’s 103 degrees here in Baltimore. Stay cool Charm City!

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