Coming soon: an in-depth look at the O’s competition

Since Baltimoreans are over the moon and through the roof over the 2011 Orioles, I think it’s about time we put things into perspective and took a closer look at the four other teams in the American League East.

As most of you know I co-host with Ken Weinman on 105.7 The Fan Baltimore every night. Last night, we had a couple of O’s fans call in and say they think the Orioles lineup is better than the Red Sox lineup. Yes, that really happened. Bless your heart, Will. When Weinman and I went position by position with another O’s fan, he said he’d take Derrek Lee over Adrian Gonzalez at first and Mark Reynolds over Kevin Youkilis at third. Hmm ...

Note to O’s fans: Feel free to sample the orange Kool-Aid, but please don’t drown yourself in it to the point where it gives you temporary brain damage.

So let’s take a closer look at the Orioles’ direct competition. What team would you like me to break down first? If I start writing about the Yankees or the Red Sox, you’ll all hammer me for obvious reason. If I start with the Blue Jays, I may not pique your interest even though I think they are the dark horse in the division. And, of course, if I write about the Rays you guys will call me a Rays fan since I picked them to win the World Series last year. That worked out well for me, by the way.

So give me your teams, in order of interest, and I’ll submit an entry for each, comparing the lineups and rotations. I’ll give you my predictions in terms of how many games they’ll win and where they’ll place.

Cool? Thanks.

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