As the Beach Boys once said, “Don’t Worry Baby”

Well, I’m sure by now you have all heard that 105.7 The Fan, where I am employed full-time, has recently lost its flagship rights to the Orioles. And with that, I bet you all are wondering what that means for MASN and 105.7 in terms of your Orioles coverage. Well, there is only so much I can tell you, but I will do my best to explain.

First, regardless of which station is the home of the Orioles - WBAL or 105.7 The Fan - you’re going to get nothing short of the best Orioles coverage. That’s the bottom line. WBAL is a great radio station with a group of extremely professional and talented reporters who will provide you with everything Orioles over the next three years. With that being said, the only thing 105.7 will not air is the games. You will still get the same in-depth Orioles coverage from all your favorite talk shows throughout the day, as well as player interviews and exclusive reports.

I also know some of you are upset that “The Scott Garceau Show” will no longer be simulcast on MASN from 2-4 p.m. Guys, that was a MASN decision. And since MASN and 105.7 no longer have a working relationship, writing letters and sending emails to the higher-ups at MASN hoping to get Scott and Jeremy’s mugs back on your televisions will not help. So unfortunately, you need to cut ties with Conn’s handsome face and Garceau’s impressive hair (for an old man). I wish I had better news for you, but I don’t.

I promise you, MASN will find something new to entertain you in Garceau’s old time slot. Just hang tight and trust the powers that be.

In regards to me: Thank you all for the overwhelming amount of tweets, emails, blog comments and Facebook notes in support of me staying at MASN and/or 105.7 The Fan. Unfortunately, as you all can probably figure out, I cannot work for both. I am currently talking to everyone and trying to figure out what my plans are for next season, and I promise I will keep you posted when I can. I refuse to say goodbye to Baltimore just yet! I haven’t even been here a year and with the incredible offseason the Orioles just had and the unbelievable experience I had covering the Ravens - one win shy of hosting the AFC championship game - I can honestly say there is no other place I’d rather be in 2011.

If anyone knows about change, and how to handle change, it’s me. I know nobody likes when their routine and comfort zone get disrupted, but unfortunately, that’s part of life. You’ve all given myself, Jeremy and Scott amazing support since Anita Marks left the market, and trust me when I say we appreciate it more than you know.

Thank you again for your concern regarding my situation. I hope I answered all of your questions and concerns.

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