Back in Baltimore with a blessed nephew

Hey, Baltimore. I’m back! Lucky you.

First of all, thank you for being patient with me. I’m sorry I have been missing in action, but I had to go home to Boston to see my nephew Frankie who was baptized on Monday afternoon. Second, thank you all for checking in and asking for baby updates. He is doing really well and is still on track to go home around April 1, which was his original due date. He has gained a full two and a half pounds since the last time I saw him and is honestly the cutest baby I have ever seen. Yes, I am his aunt and his godmother, so of course, I’m biased.


From what I hear, Sarasota is a very happy place right now. I’ve spoken to a few players since spring training broke and it appears BuckBall is in full effect. Somebody asked me the other day if the Orioles could feel too much pressure this season under Showalter. My response was, “I think they are starving for pressure!” Pressure comes along with playing for a competitive team but unlike the Yankees (and Red Sox) there is no pressure to win a World Series. As I sit here on 105.7 The Fan co-hosting with Ken Weinman (a.k.a. “Ginger”), Weinman said he will be happy with 83 wins (four games over .500) and/or the team being 10 games out of the wild card Aug. 1. Would you guys be happy with that or do you expect more?

One of the players told me Showalter informed the team there was a 6 p.m. meeting Monday night followed by a 6:15 p.m. bus ride to an unknown destination. That was all information he gave. One player thought the team was going to see a stand-up comedian, but what he got was a lot more than a laugh. Showalter and the Orioles staff put together a 12-minute montage of scenes such as a packed Memorial Stadium, classic Orioles’ victories and fights, and highlights of new and old 2011 players. Derrek Lee said he was so pumped after watching the video he was ready to fight Mike Tyson and Brian Matusz said he couldn’t sleep that night.

What are your thoughts on the video and how does it feel to know your players are this excited?

Personally, I think the movie idea was simply awesome. Not only did Showalter show the 2011 Orioles what they have the potential to be, he showed them what the Orioles used to be: winners. Most of you fans who comment on this blog tell me you’ve never witnessed a winning season as an adult. Well, if you’re bummed about it, how do you think players such as Nick Markakis, Brian Roberts and Jeremy Guthrie feel? With that being said, word out of camp is not only are the guys excited to get the season under way, the boys are having fun. Finally!

From the words of Rays manager Joe Maddon: “Fun equals wins.”

I am on the air right now with Weinman on 105.7 The Fan, and of course we are bickering so I can’t write anymore. But I’ve gotten a bunch of messages from people wondering where I was so I thought I’d type a quick update. In the meantime, check out my Facebook page for pictures from Frankie’s baptism.

I will write more tomorrow!

P.S. It’s way colder in Boston!

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