Can’t sleep, must talk baseball

It’s been a fairly uneventful night in Fells Point. After cutting some promos in the 105.7 The Fan studio today with Ken “Ginger” Weinman, I ran some much-needed errands, did a little food shopping (which I absolutely despise), talked to Ma Royle about her upcoming visit to Charm City this weekend and watched “American Idol,” one of my favorite shows. It was, however, an exciting night in reality TV land since most of you know I am a huge “Survivor” fan and tonight was the season premiere of “Redemption Island.” Before you ask, no I haven’t applied for the show, but yes, I would go on in a heartbeat. I always wondered, however, if I did go on the show, what hat would I wear?

I mean, Boston Rob represented his (our) hometown of Boston with a Red Sox hat in 2002 on “Survivor: Marquesas” and sported a New England Patriots hat in 2004 on “Survivor: All Stars.” Oddly enough, the year he wore the Patriots hat, they beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl and the Red Sox broke their 86-year curse and finally won the World Series. So, maybe Boston Rob’s hats were a good-luck charm for the city of Boston.

In any event, I’d have to put a lot of thought into my hat of choice if I were to ever appear on “Survivor.” But first, I’d have to apply. Maybe on of these days I’ll get the courage to make a tape. I’m sure my awesome cameraman, Matt Winter from, would love to shoot it for me. Right, Matt?

It’s after midnight and I can’t sleep. So I decided to turn my iPad on - with the hopes of turning my eyes weary - and peek at the Orioles’ 2011 schedule. And let me tell you, I cannot wait for the April 4 home opener against the Tigers. How many of you are planning on going to opening day, and if so, how many consecutive years have you attended? Also, does this opening day feel different to you and what excites you the most? Honestly, I’m excited just looking at the schedule. There’s been such a dreary and dreadful sports lull here in Baltimore and I’m ready for it to be over. Simple as that.

For me, I am really looking forward to seeing how the young arms in the starting rotation have matured. I think the collaboration of Brian Matusz, Chris Tillman, Brad Bergesen and Jake Arrieta is one of the most impressive group of young starters I’ve seen on the same club. I said this Monday at’s event at Hightopps Backstage Grille in Timonium, I believe all four kids will find success because they’re finally going to have some run support. Yes I’ve only been in Baltimore for a year, but from what I’ve heard, most of you think this is the best lineup you’ve seen in Baltimore. Truth?

Of course there are still question marks and holes on the O’s, as there are on every ball club, and you’d be crazy to say any team is perfect. But looking at the current roster, here are my votes for the following categories. Tell me yours and let’s see how close we are at the end of the year.

Breakout year (position player): Matt Wieters

Breakout year (pitcher): Jake Arrieta

Comeback player: Brian Roberts

Team MVP: Vladimir Guerrero

Most improved: Adam Jones

Overachiever: Mark Reynolds (less than 200 strikeouts or bust!)

Potential underachiever: Luke Scott (can he repeat 2010?)

Team leader: Derrek Lee (our editor, Pete Kerzel, will agree!)

Best addition to the club: Guerrero/Buck Showalter (does the manager count?)

Unsung Hero: J.J. Hardy

First player to get traded: Scott

Games won: 83

Division finish: Fourth

Make playoffs: No

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