It’s baseball, people - be kind

Before I finish breaking down the Red Sox, I have a couple things I need to address. First of all, I have been in Baltimore for 11 months now and I find it hard to believe most of you don’t know that I was brought here by to cover the Orioles’ opponents. I do, however, cover the Orioles for 105.7 The Fan where you can currently hear me nightly on “The Ken Weinman Show” from 6-10 p.m. after “The Scott Garceau Show.” I have also said via this blog, Twitter, Facebook and on the air, I am not a Red Sox fan and I have not rooted for a professional baseball team since I was a teenager. (FYI, I cannot believe I am discussing this again.)

When I worked in New York the first thing I was taught in my early years of journalism was to be objective and to always back up your professional opinion with facts. Just because I am from Boston does not mean I am a Red Sox homer or a Red Sox spy (yes, somebody actually called me that), nor am I here to crush your Orioles hopes and dreams. In fact, if I came to Baltimore and drank the orange Kool-Aid and told you all exactly what you wanted to hear, I would not be true to myself or my job. Where I come from professionally (New York), nobody is a fan of the team they cover because it gets in the way of the first rule of journalism: objectivity. That doesn’t mean we/they were pessimistic, it means they/we were realistic. I wish I could tell you all the Orioles will win the World Series this year. But my deepest apologies, that’s not what I believe.

So as I continue to break down the American League East - and as I keep in mind that I cannot change Baltimore or all of your opinions of me - please understand it’s difficult to talk about and declare how great the Orioles will be and where they will finish in the division if you aren’t educated on their opponents. However, I have received some of the most disgusting and hurtful hate mail (e-mail, Twitter, blog comments) since Part 1 of my Red Sox blog was posted. So do me a favor, please be a little open-minded and think before you hit send on your computers. Unfortunately, that’s all I can ask for.

This is baseball. It’s a sport. It’s fun. It’s a game. It’s entertainment. Hate and personal attacks not only have no place in this world, but they have no place in baseball or on this blog.

One more thing: Before you personally attack me - which, in my opinion, is the lowest and cheapest way to avoid an intelligent sports discussion - do me a favor and meet me first, because I’m not leaving Baltimore. You’re all stuck with me for at least 2011, so we may as well get acquainted. will have its next Orioles chat at Hightopps Backstage Grille in Timonium on Monday, March 7 at 6 p.m. followed by a viewing of the Yankees-Orioles spring training game. Stop in, meet me and the rest of the crew and let’s have an intelligent conversation. I’ll be more than happy to spend an evening with you, eating wings, drinking beer and watching baseball.

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