So many questions

I'm over regular season baseball. Summer league hoops was cool but that lasted a week. Tiger is off his game, so golf is less interesting. Tennis is only mildly interesting during the Grand Slams. Bring on football already. Let's get it crackin!

As sick as I am of Brett Favre I love that he's working out with high school kids again and complaining about his surgically repaired ankle. Bring on the speculation. At least it's football related! Training camps open in four days in certain towns. The Redskins open late next week. Let's do this.

I can't wait to see if fat Albert has actually lost 32 pounds and is ready to play some football. How is the running back situation going to play out? Is Portis as light as they say he is? Will the Skins actually keep three former pro bowl backs? If they don't, who will be the odd man out?

Is Donovan McNabb going to have a new contract in place before the first regular season game? How will he perform behind the revamped line? Will Trent Williams step in right away the way Chris Samuels did as a rookie? Or is he going to really struggle? Does Santana Moss still have a premier year left in him as the number one receiver?

What about the so called "young" receivers? Will Devin Thomas finally break out? Can Malcom Kelly stay healthy? Will Fred Davis and Chris Cooley share time or play together? Will any of the old veteran receivers like Joey Galloway actually make the team?

What about the defense? Will the 3-4 work? Will Haynesworth play all along the line as the coaches say? Can the linebackers hold up their end of the bargain? Is this the year London Fletcher finally starts to slow down? What about Rocky MacIntosh's knees - will they survive a whole season? Is DeAngelo Hall still a premier corner? Can Chris Horton return to his rookie year form?

What about the rest of the NFC East? Is Kevin Kolb the real deal or will the Eagles slip with no McNabb and no Bryan Westbrook? What about the Giants? They were awful on defense last year and they lost their defensive QB in Antonio Pierce. How much longer before Tom Coughlin wears out his welcome in New York the way he did in Jacksonville?

The Cowboys are always good in the regular season but can Tony Romo lead this team to a Super Bowl? Can Marion Barber stay healthy for 16 games? Will Dez Bryant end up being the steal of the draft?

How about the rest of the league? Can Matt Leinart get it done in Arizona replacing Kurt Warner? Is anyone going to sign Terrell Owens? Can LaDanian Tomlinson prove that he's still a premier back with the New York Jets? Is Shawn Merriman still a Pro Bowl linebacker for the San Diego Chargers?

These are just a few questions that come to mind when I start to think about the NFL with training camps around the corner. Isn't it great to be thinking this way? How long will it last though?

With a lockout next year looking to be a near certainty according to DeMaurice Smith, head of the NFL Players Association, will there even be football in the fall of 2011? That's the most important question of all at this point.