Always bet against Cakes

Now that 2011 is rapidly approaching, thought it would be a good time to reminisce on the year that was, and the continual building of the Always Bet Against Cakes brand. Let's take a look at three high-profile gaffes that are par for the course:

1) Brett Favre will start every game of the 2010 NFL season - I bet Junkies producer Bret Ivey $100 that Ironman Favre would make 16 starts, run his consecutive games streak past the 300 mark, and ride off into the sunset. Well, we all know how that turned out. Favre missed the Vikings game against the Giants, and I'm out a Benjamin. I know he's old, and was breaking down, but betting on Favre to start every game of the season used to be like betting the sun would rise every day. Smart of me to get on the wrong side of that fiasco. Have fun cutting the grass on your ranch in Mississippi, you old fossil. By the way, he's 41, just ten months younger than me.

2) The Redskins will go 11-5 in Mike Shanahan's first season - Maybe i was hypnotized without my consent before giving this preseason prediction, but I couldn't have been more off on this one. It's looking much more likely that the Skins will have the exact opposite record of 5-11 by season's end. Two of Washington's next three opponents (Jacksonville and New York Giants) are fighting for playoff spots, and the Dallas Cowboys have shown improvement since Jason Garrett took over as head coach. The Skins would be fortunate to win one of those three games. Shanahan isn't on the hot seat after one season, but there has to be marked improvement in year two. Like contending for a playoff spot in the ultra-competitive NFC East. Here's another Always Bet Against Cakes prediction - Shanahan coaches three seasons in Washington before he's fired or leaves with a few years left on his contract. The rebuilding job is even more massive than he initially believed, and he will be exasperated by looking up at the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys in the standings throughout his tenure here.

3) The Wizards will win between 40-43 games and contend for the #8 seed in the Eastern Conference - Another swing and a miss. I thought the Wall and Arenas combo would be enough to keep the Wiz competitive into the spring. Must have been the homer in me that was clouding my judgment. Washington is floundering with a 6-17 record, and will be lucky to win more than 20 games by the end of this disastrous campaign. Wall can't stay healthy, already missing eight of the Wizards' first 23 games, and Gilbert is shooting under 40 percent from the field. Throw in one of the league's worst collections of bench stiffs in recent memory, and it's a deadly cocktail. We love Coach Flip Saunders, but I'd be shocked if he's still around by the end of the season. Maybe we can get lucky again and score the number one pick for the second straight season. It's time to fire up the online NBA Lottery Generator again!