Congrats to Auburn and Oregon

Standing ovation from me, especially Auburn. Auburn played more nationally ranked teams than Oregon, Boise and TCU combined and beat them all. I thought they would lose to LSU and they didn't. Thought they would lose at Bama and they made a great comeback and saved their season. I thought South Carolina would give them fits and possibly win, but they weren't even in the discussion. To run the table in the SEC is overly impressive and Cam Newton is one of the best college football players I have ever seen.

Oregon's team speed is off the charts. They have two great gamebreaking running backs and a system that nobody can handle, especially in the 2nd half. I thought they would drop one at Cal, AZ or USC and they came through it untouched.

Are these great teams? Far from it, but to go undefeated in power conferences is difficult and they deserve it. The system is still screwed because there is another undefeated team that has no shot to win a ring, but I look forward to January 10th. My early prediction is Aub 45 Oregon 31.