This Sunday was yet another debacle for the Washington Redskins who got smashed by the New York Giants 31-7. It was the Redskins fifth loss in their last 7 games. I thought they'd get to 8 wins this season but that seems like a long shot now. They're a bad team. And here are their biggest problems.

The Redskins can't stop the run. We've seen top tier running backs like Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson carve up the Skins 3-4 defense but yesterday may have been their most abysmal performance yet. Brandon Jacobs had just 8 carries yesterday for 103 yards and 2 touchdowns. Ahmad Bradshaw went for 97 yards and 2 touchdowns. And that was with backups on their offensive line. What a joke?

The biggest problem is their tackling. And that's effort. How many times did the Redskins have Jacobs or Bradshaw within their reach and yet they didn't bring them down?

Another thing that has me scratching my head when I watch this team is drops. We talked to Chris Cooley on Friday and he has some of the most reliable hands in the NFL but even Cooley has drops this year. Does Donovan McNabb throw too hard or do Redskins receivers like Santana Moss just not have good enough hands? It's one thing to drop passes that are high, but it seems like every week Redskins receivers are good for a couple of drops on perfect passes. Cooley told us this week that he's caught 90% of the balls thrown his way, which isn't good for him, but how many of the Redskins are catching 90%? I wonder if Mike Sellers has even caught 50% of his balls.

I could go on and on about the Redskins lack of playmakers, their lack of a running game and their banged up offensive line, but one of their biggest problems is a guy I can't defend anymore: Donovan McNabb. His completion percentage is just 58% and he has just 12 touchdowns with 15 interceptions this year. McNabb's quarterback rating is just 75.2. To put that in perspective, the only guys below him statistically are Alex Smith, Brett Favre, Derek Anderson and Jimmy Clausen. Guys like Shaun Hill, Chad Henne and Jason Campbell are ranked higher. That is indefensible!