Has the Washington area curse hit the Wizards again? John Wall has already missed 5 games. Flip Saunders can't catch a break.

If you're Jon Gruden, would you leave Monday Night Football for the Miami Hurricanes? I still think the Miami job is a great gig. Even thought the 'Canes have fallen off - they still have a built-in recruiting base, amazing weather, South Beach and the history and tradition of the program. Although you never lose a game from the booth.

How does Cam Newton play so well and seem so unaffected with all that controversy surrounding his father and the program? Maybe he's completely innocent. Stop laughing! What do you do if it's just his greedy father doing all of this on his own?

Do you think the Redskins could have used Brian Westbrook last week? Who'd you rather have him or some guy named James Davis?

How does Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly sleep at night? Ultimately Declan Sullivan's death happened on his watch and as a direct result of his decision to hold practice in unsafe conditions.

Don't you love to see LeBron struggling in Miami? Has there ever been an athlete's likability drop more in such a short period of time without some sort of criminal scandal associated?

Speaking of scandal, what do you think OJ's doing today? Dominos or Spades?

Have you noticed Tiger is tweeting these days? Yesterday he posted a grainy photo taken with his cell phone from his library. Why do I think he's using twitter to pick up women? You know he doesn't care to interact with random guys.

What phone should I get? I can't stop obsessing over this. It used to be so much easier when we all just had flip phones. Now I have to have flash video and front facing camera, slide out keyboard, easy texting, email, a fast browser, and long battery life. And I'm not even into the App world. It's too much. I'm overwhelmed. Help. (Actually please don't help. I've heard it all. I just can't decide. ugh.)

Does anybody really think Derek Jeter is going to resign with anybody but the New York Yankees? He's a legend in New York and needs New York more than they need him at this point.

Did anybody every think that Donovan McNabb would be rated only one spot higher than Jason Campbell this season? Did anybody every think McNabb would be the 27th rated QB?

Roger Federer just beat Rafael Nadal. Did anybody notice?

If Derek Anderson frowned all game are we supposed to think he would have played better?

Why do I hate Tom Brady? He's done nothing to me. He's going to go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and yet I hate him. I hate his hair, his coach and his hot wife.

Can you believe Ben Olson is the head coach of DC United? We had him in studio when his was a rookie and he was showing us his fake ID. It's gotta be weird too because as much as he loves this team, 99% of all coaches are hired to be fired. They're ultimately going to whack him and it's going to end poorly. I sorta feel bad about that.

What does Jake Gyllenhaal see in Taylor Swift? Seriously.