Aberdeen's roster features plenty of 2010 draft picks

Their season-opening roster is not final yet, but as of today, the Aberdeen IronBirds roster features nine players taken last week in the First-Year Player Draft. Here are the 2010 draft picks on Aberdeen's current roster and the round they were selected in: OF Jeremy Nowak (13) C Joe Oliveira (15) RHP Scott Copeland (21) RHP Timothy Adleman (24) C Austin Goolsby (26) SS Michael Rooney (30) 3B Adam Gaylord (31) SS Sammy Starr (34) SS Joseph Donaldson (35) Aberdeen's season-opening roster is also expected to include Mike Flacco, Tyler Kolodny and L.J. Hoes. Hoes would join the club from Frederick on an injury-rehab assignment. They also have several shortstops on the roster, some of which could also be used at second base. Here is the IronBirds roster as of today. Keep in mind it's a preliminary roster that could and likely will change some before Friday's Aberdeen season opener at home vs. Hudson Valley. Pitchers: Timothy Adleman, Justin Anderson, Jose Barajas, Scott Copeland, Jason Gurka, Brandon Holloway, T.R. Keating, Michael Mechaw, Justin Moore, Brian Parker, Bruno Sanchez, Tyler Sexton, Will Startup, Ashur Tolliver, David Walters Catchers: Austin Goolsby, Zach Moore, Joe Oliveira, Austin Rauch, Infielders: David Anderson, Omar Casamayor, Joseph Donaldson, Mike Flacco, Adam Gaylord, L.J. Hoes, Tyler Kolodny, Michael Rooney, Sammy Starr Outfielders: Jeremy Nowak, Joel Polanco, Kipp Schutz, Lance West The IronBirds players and coaches were arriving in Aberdeen today to get settled in for the start of the New York-Penn League season on Friday. Birds manager Gary Kendall says lefty Justin Anderson may be his opening-night staring pitcher. A 24th-round pick in 2009, the 22-year-old Anderson went 2-1, 2.82 between Bluefield and Aberdeen last summer. Kendall says Michael Mechaw, Justin Moore, Bruno Sanchez and Tyler Sexton are also candidates for his rotation. Ashur Tolliver, a fifth-round pick last year, will begin the year in the bullpen. He has had some shoulder injury issues. Flacco, who hit .272-3-34 with Bluefield in 2009, could play a few different positions for the IronBirds. "I'm going to visit with the organization about possibly getting him some time in the outfield to see what that looks like. When I saw him at Catonsville Community College I really liked his throwing arm and he runs pretty well," Kendall said. "L.J. Hoes will probably be with us for our first homestand and first road trip through the 25th of June. He's probably going to be our second baseman opening night and play five innings then," Kendall said. Hoes has been dealing with an illness and has not played for Frederick since May 15. He was batting .290-1-20 with the Keys. On May 24th, Kolodny was transferred from Delmarva to Aberdeen's roster and later sent to extended spring training in Sarasota, Florida. Kolodny was batting .260-10-29 in 41 games with the Shorebirds, but left their roster due to a team disciplinary matter and went to extended, in part, to learn a new position. A corner infielder so far, Kolodny played some outfield in Sarasota and will also play some there for the IronBirds. "He's the type of kid that will take to a new position. The organization feels his best chance is at first base and the outfield. "His decision making is going to be a work in progress. You need to play balls live to become a good outfielder. I think if anyone can pull this off Tyler can, he will work hard at it." If the Orioles come to terms soon with fourth-round pick, Auburn outfielder Trent Mummey, he could join Aberdeen as well. Over the next few days look for more stories and interviews here from the IronBirds as they count down to the season opener. For more information on the team, check out their website at ironbirdsbaseball.com. If and when I recieve some roster info on Bluefield and/or the Gulf Coast League O's, I will pass it along.

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