Albers making a statement? (updated twice)

Perhaps something along the lines of, "I want to stay here?" Matt Albers tossed a scoreless inning last night, and he dominated the Yankees in the seventh tonight, retiring Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira on bouncers to the mound and striking out Nick Swisher. His fastball reached 95 mph. Albers' ERA is down to 7.59 in a team-leading 12 appearances, but is it too late to save his job? As you know, a roster spot must be created Saturday for Brad Bergesen. Albers is vulnerable despite being out of options. He's doing everything possible to make the decision that much tougher for the Orioles. Alberto Castillo continues to warm in the bullpen, but Albers is taking the mound for the eighth. Update: Albers retired Alex Rodriguez on a bouncer to third and was replaced by Castillo with Robinson Cano due up. Four batters, nothing out of the infield. I heard two people clap for Albers as he walked to the dugout. Fans are clearly down on the guy. Update II: Pitch...around...Cano.

Yikes, another losing streak already
Matusz done for the night

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