Andy MacPhail comments on the trade dealine

O's president Andy MacPhail said the last few hours before the trade deadline passed today without the Orioles close to making another deal. "It was uneventful. I would say we only talked to four or five clubs today. We only had one thing kind of different come up today and that really never got off the ground. It was kind of how I anticipated it would be. "We heard from some of our compatriots in baseball (praising us on the trade). We did what we had to do. It's a circumstance where you give up something in the present in hopes you will gain in the future." How was the trade market this year? "I'd say this was more active, for us and the industry. That's a byproduct of one simple number. That's 17. There are 17 teams within four games of the post-season. That's going to create activity." Did the O's come close to dealing Hendrickson? "There was definite interest there. But with Sherrill being traded and Bergesen going down. Unless we got something that really made sense, we were probably better off holding him." Is the organization now well stocked with young talent? "We are working towards that. We are doing what we said we would and a lot of our young guys have come through for us, even quicker maybe than we had thought." Might a lot of players clear waivers as teams are wary of getting stuck with big contracts? "Go back to that 17 number. If 17 teams are in it, not only are they going to continue to look to improve, they are going to have to be active to make sure the other guy doesn't improve. I think that will trump the economics. I expect there will be a lot of activity." Did some recent poor performances by O's veterans lessen your options this trade deadline? "You never know how that will play out. You don't know where they were on the other team's lists to begin. There's an old adage in baseball that plays a higher percentage of the time then you like it to. Sometimes the best trades you make are the ones you didn't make. "It is what it is. You act on the information you have at the time. You make sure your organization is prepared. Then you make the decisions that you think make the most sense than you live with it." Would the O's consider either Matusz, Patton or Arrieta to take Bergesen's spot while he is out? "Can't help you, can't help you. Don't have that answer at the present time. Under review."
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