Another chance at LaRoche

Did anyone watch "Modern Family" last night? The smoke detector kept chirping. The guy finally destroys them all with a baton. I could relate. The Orioles are in the market for a first baseman and a bat that can launch baseballs onto the flagcourt. They were interested in Adam LaRoche last winter and made an offer comparable to the one he accepted from the Arizona Diamondbacks - one year, $6 million. Arizona declined to pick up LaRoche's $7.5 million option for next season, choosing instead to exercise his $1.5 million buyout. They'd rather use the money in other areas, including their bullpen. LaRoche has been dumped into the free-agent pile, and I think the Orioles will make another run at him. I'm not saying he's their first priority, but they'll talk to his agent again and determine whether there's a potential fit. LaRoche hit .261 with 37 doubles, 25 homers and 100 RBIs in 151 games for the Diamondbacks. He also batted .306 with runners in scoring position. Just keep him out of the sunlight. He batted .216 in day games. LaRoche actually has totaled 25 homers in each of the last three seasons, though he spread them out among three teams in 2009. Makes you wonder why he's been traded three times and granted free agency twice. I've also heard Lance Berkman's name mentioned more than once. He appears to be in the mix. He might be near the bottom of that pile, but he's on the Orioles' radar. Given the choice, I'd take LaRoche. I'd really like to see Adam Dunn here, but he doesn't seem too interested in the American League and the possibility of being forced into the DH role. Victor Martinez also intrigues me and should be high on the Orioles' list. What are your thoughts on LaRoche, and what would you be willing to offer?
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