Anxious times for O's fans

Oriole nation is concerned. Some are more than concerned. If you talk to fans lately, their first comment on the team usually goes something like, "should I worry about (fill in the blank)." The concerns include: *Brian Roberts' back *Koji's hamstring *Nolan Reimold's return from Achilles surgery *Nolan Reimold's batting average *Mike Gonzalez's back *Mike Gonzalez's velocity *Jim Johnson's struggles *Felix Pie's shoulder *Jeremy Guthrie's ERA *Kevin Millwood's ERA *Matt Wieters' batting average *The club's lack of offense *Who will play second if Roberts can't go *Who will bat leadoff if Roberts can't go There are so many issues that have surfaced since spring games began to concern the fan base that no one even talks any more about major concerns heading into camp like Brad Bergesen's shoulder and Miguel Tejada's adjustment to third base. No one worries about TV commercial shoots anymore. There are more pressing matters. While it is "only" spring training and many teams and players perform poorly in March and then start well in April, there is some justification for the fan concerns. To me, maybe the biggest worry is that there are so many worries. All the issues listed above won't be resolved or fixed on opening day. Some of these issues/problems are sure to linger into the season. With a schedule that is brutal early and includes 21 of the first 60 games vs. Boston and New York, that can't be good. I've told some fans not to worry, first, because it won't do any good or change anything happening in Sarasota. Second, there will be plenty of time for that later. There is still plenty of time to resolve many of the concerns and, of course, nothing counts yet. Meanwhile Oriole Nation awaits better news from Florida and wonders if when the calendar turns to April this will all just seem like a bad dream.
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Monday morning musings

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