Arbitration deadline looming

So, does anyone else think that Brian Billick is the obvious choice to replace Brad Childress in Minnesota? He was the Vikings' offensive coordinator from 1992 to 1998. They set the NFL record for most points scored in one season in '98. He's got a history there. Billick isn't good at developing quarterbacks, but that's fine. The Vikings don't have one. I won 10 games picking against the spread, including last night's Chargers-Broncos tilt. Finally, a decent showing. I also bet that the Orioles would complete their coaching staff by New Year's Eve. Fingers crossed. To be fair - and I'm nothing if not fair - the Orioles thought they were done after settling on Don Wakamatsu as bench coach and Juan Samuel as third base coach. Seems like forever ago. Wakamatsu never reached Andy MacPhail's desk for contract negotiations. He agreed to become the Blue Jays' bench coach after they tossed serious cash and perks his way, the kind usually reserved for managers. It's clear that he's next in line after John Farrell. No pushing, please. I was told last week that we could have an announcement by today, so stay tuned for that one. Yes, I'm holding the football again. It's up to you whether you try to kick it. The Orioles have until midnight to offer arbitration to Type B free agents Kevin Millwood and Koji Uehara. If they do and the players accept, they'll return in 2011. If they do and the players decline and sign with another organization, the Orioles receive a draft pick as compensation. Millwood won't be offered it. You can take that one to the bank. If I'm in charge - and try not to get the shakes just thinking about it - I offer it to Uehara. I want him to close again next year, and you can get him on a one-year deal if he agrees to arbitration. He made $5 million last season. He'll get a raise in 2011. They all do. Be prepared to pay it. It's possible that Uehara could land a multi-year deal somewhere else. Fine. Then let him decline arbitration. You can argue that closers are easily found and you don't need to pour that much money into one. You can look on your own staff to find a replacement - Michael Gonzalez is making $6 million, which is a lot for a lefty specialist - or scour the market. You know what I'd do. What about you?

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