Aubrey looks forward to series with former teammates

On June 24th, O's first baseman Micheal Aubrey was acquired from the Cleveland Indians for a player to be named later. Now, the next four days, Aubrey will be playing against Cleveland. "It's nice to see those guys. I was there since 2003 and left in June of this year. I have a lot of friends over there, I wished them well when I left. I just hope we win." Aubrey joined Triple-A Norfolk after the trade and was called up by the Orioles on August 18th. He said he was a little stunned when the trade happened. "I was surprised. I didn't know any of that was going on. At the time I was leaving a last-place team in Columbus to join a first-place team in Norfolk. I knew this would be a better opportunity for me. It's a great opportunity if I just take care of my work and my business and make the most of it. The goal is always to stay in the big leagues. Aubrey is 6 for 16 with two doubles since coming to the O's and produced his first career 3-RBI game Tuesday at Minnesota. He played briefly with the Indians last year, going 9 for 45 with two homers in 15 games. "I feel like I've helped out. When I get the chance to play I just want to play solid defense, not make any mistakes and put up good at bats. The results, you really can't control what's going to happen but if you can put forth a solid at bat good things will happen more often than not." Now he has a chance the rest of this season to make an impression on the O's coaches and front office. Next March, he could be in a competiton for the job at first base. "Absolutely. I haven't looked that far ahead. Hopefully I can do enough this season to make them have a tough decision."

The homestand begins: Indians at Orioles
Tonight's pitchers: Hernandez vs. Laffey

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