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Because my mailbag hates dry heat and cross-country flights, I’m answering more questions today from home and waiting to join the Orioles in Boston.

I go where it goes.

You understand how this works after 15 years. How it’s a sequel to the beloved 2008 original.

You want heavy editing? Go to a movie. I don’t tamper here. We’re crazy with clarity, sinful with style, bold with brevity, loony with length, ga-ga over grammar.

Also, my mailbag expands like a September roster and yours splits like the back of Ye’s jacket.

Is Kyle Gibson a lock for a playoff rotation?
I’ll stop short – that’s my move – of saying he’s a lock. However, we have a month left and he’s registered 14 quality starts. The inconsistency is frustrating to him and others. I get it. But I’ve got him in a four-man rotation in October based on the current roster.

Will we ever win again?
That one-game losing streak got you down?

We’re here to ask the questions.
And this isn’t one. Also, the conversational mailbag still creeps me out a little.

Any of the Angels players (like Lucas Giolito) or Mike Clevinger worth snagging for the playoff drive or are they too expensive?
No one touched Clevinger. The baggage requires a full staff of bellhops. I’ve heard that the Orioles put in claims for other players but didn’t get them. So, attempts were made. Just like the attempts to trade for a reliever at the deadline. Failing isn’t the same as not trying.

How is Kyle Stowers?
He’s on the Triple-A injured list with a fractured nose after being hit by a pitch. The kid can’t catch a break. Well, a good one. He was heating up, too, with three homers in five games.

Who’s your all-time favorite player to interview? Who’s the funniest player you’ve ever covered?
Excellent question and extremely difficult. I could rattle off 50 right away and worry that I left out someone. I’ve done this since the ‘90s. Caleb Joseph would rank highly in both categories.

Who do you think goes when John Means and Tyler Wells come up?
Joey Krehbiel is joining the team in Arizona, but I don’t know if that’s temporary. He could be a placeholder. I don’t know if Austin Voth stays. I don’t know much about history. I do know that Means started last night for Triple-A Norfolk and tossed five scoreless innings with one hit, six strikeouts and 86 pitches. If that ain't ready, it's close enough to sniff it.

What happened with the bees?
From The Baltimore Banner’s Andy Kostka: “A Maryland Stadium Authority employee, who also happens to be a local beekeeper, safely relocated approximately 2,000 bees from the bullpen area on Monday.” From me: “Too bad they didn’t also relocate (insert name of a struggling reliever).” A much easier joke back in the day.

Is Gunnar Henderson the frontrunner for American League Rookie of the Year in your view?
Yes, from where I sit. Also, where I stand, pace, stretch. He’s the favorite per DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars and bet365. Also, drink365, which is the group at the bar down the street from my house. But the Red Sox’s Triston Casas and Masataka Yoshida remain in the hunt. The Rangers’ Josh Jung was first prior to his thumb fracture.

OK, what do you do with Gibson?
Start him every six days.

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
Start Kyle Gibson every six days. Or get this, just drive to a store and buy one. They aren’t that expensive or hard to find. I never understood that ad campaign.

Will we ever find out about Félix Bautista’s prognosis? What's the plan, Stan?
No need to be coy, Roy. The Orioles could provide an update this weekend or next week during the road trip. Just keep bracing for the worst and hope to be surprised. Like I used to tell every woman I dated.

Is it OK to call bobblehead Félix "The Molehill?”
You have my approval.

Any progress on the lease being signed?
Haven’t heard any updates. The team isn’t moving, though. I feel the need to keep saying it.

Will the Bird Bath be back next season? Will the water theme be back next season?
Don’t have an answer at this time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it disappeared like the home run chain. Players come up with new ideas, like the goggles or lawn mower cord. Remember the championship belt? The water works might dry up.

What’s up with Bautista? And if he’s healthy by the playoffs, do the Orioles bring in Ubaldo Jimenez in the 10th instead?
No updates. And too soon.

How do posters on this blog find things to complain about with a team in first and the best record in the AL?
We’re a very large community. Opinions and personalities vary.

As we continue to develop our young bats, any chance they move the left field wall?
It isn’t on wheels. It may stay in place for a while. And how it benefits the pitchers outweighs everything else.

It's been 30 years running since the last All-Star game in Baltimore. Two of the next three games are in Texas (2024) and in Philadelphia (2026). Even though Oakland hasn't hosted since 1987, somehow I don't see them getting it soon. Is MLB reserving the 2025 game for us? Or is 2025 for Nashville?
Could be both. (I’m kidding, I’m kidding). Same advice I gave about Bautista. Brace for the worst – MLB continuing to stiff the Orioles like they’re a rude waiter – and hope to be surprised.

Have the Diamondbacks announced their Friday starter? And don't say "your mom."
I'd never! Former Oriole Zach Davies, who has a 6.93 ERA and 1.604 WHIP in 13 starts. His nickname is "Bat Boy." Apparently, he's been pitching like one.

With a wife and granddaughter, are you pondering any career options to keep you on a regular schedule? You probably can’t answer this on here, but I know it has to have entered your mind.
Yes. Retirement. ASAP. But we’re not there.

Are you excited about the Orioles upcoming postseason games?
To cover them? Honestly, it’s a job. I don’t necessarily find excitement in it. And that’s a shame. The travel hassles and excessive amount of media tend to dictate my mood. But I haven’t covered an Orioles postseason since 2016, and it was brief. And in Canada. And I haven’t been covered in champagne and beer in a long time, at least work related. I’m due.

If by some chance the Blue Jays make it to the playoffs and the Orioles play them, will we see you up in Toronto?
Playoffs and emergency broadcasting duties. The only time you’ll find me there. And again, nothing against the city. It's wonderful. It's getting in and out of there. Air Canada is one of the worst when it comes to canceling flights on very late notice, like in the middle of the night. Getting through customs, etc. Hate it. I can put cheese curds on fries at home.

What is the Orioles plan with Tyler Wells for the rest of the year?
A reliever. He’s moved into the role in the minors and is going to be recalled as a bullpen arm. He can work in any role, whether multiple innings, setup or closing. He could be a hugely impactful addition this month.

I’m partial as an O’s fan. However, I am very impressed with what Mike Elias has done with the entire Orioles organization. Who would he be up against for the Executive of the Year Award?
Maybe the Rangers’ Chris Young for not ignoring the green light to bring in all those expensive free agents. Must have been so stressful.

Who was your favorite Oriole, Colt and Bullet when you were growing up?
Paul Blair, Bert Jones and Kevin Porter.

Any update on the facility being built in the Dominican Republic?
Should be done later in the year. That’s what I’m told.

If you could make any change to Oriole Park to make your job more efficient and/or pleasurable, what would you choose?
Removing “media” that doesn’t belong there. But that’s not what you meant. I’ll say the changes that are expected – improved PA system and a larger scoreboard. Though I don’t know how expanding it is possible with the center field bar (I know it has an actual name). Also, I’d hate to lose more skyline. But man, the video board just seems so tiny compared to every other ballpark. I wonder if another company can get years of free advertising with the clock.

Do you think the extra rest provided by the six-man rotation has had an adverse effect on Gibson? He was pretty solid when we had five guys on the hill.
He went eight innings in his previous start before Wednesday. Here’s what he said about it: “I don’t think it’s been a factor. I think it’s good for everybody, keeping us fresh.”

Why haven't the Rays faded after losing several pitchers and their starting shortstop?
It’s impressive. They won’t go away. And that’s another reason why Kevin Cash belongs on Manager of the Year ballots. Maybe not first, maybe not second, but he belongs.

Does the 365 stadium-adjacent development John Angelos wants have a decent chance of ever happening?
It’s all about space. Is there enough for it? I don’t think you could airlift The Battery Atlanta and drop it here, though I didn’t measure it. I did a lot of walking through it, however. Stopped at a few bars. But I digress. Yes, some form of it. It’s just a question of how to make it work. Which I know nothing about. I’m just a simple caveman. Your live/work/play questions frighten and confuse me. When I see my image on a security camera, I wonder, “Are they stealing my soul?”

Rosters expand to 28 in September but revert back to 26 for the playoffs? Can the Orioles bring extra players, veterans, to hang out in the dugout but not play, more so for guidance/post-season wisdom?
Yes, to reverting back to 26. As for the extras, there are limits to how many people you can cram into a dugout. It isn’t a clown car.

Have any Oriole players ever posted comments on SOR?
Plenty have read, none have commented, as far as I know.

If you were a kitchen utensil, which one would you be and why?
The big knife. I think you know why. And this is probably a good place to stop.

If you could fly, but never knew if you'd take off forward, backward, sideways, or upside down, would you still want to fly?
Are we back to Air Canada? And this is definitely a good place to stop.

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