Bergy talks about heading back to Triple-A

It can't be easy for a pitcher that was 7-5, 3.43 last year to hear he is going back to the minor leagues. But Brad Bergesen got that word today after the game for the second time this season. He is heading back to Norfolk in a roster move that will open a spot for Alfredo Simon to be activated off the DL. Bergesen was asked if he was surprised to get that news after today's game. Brad-Bergesen_White-Pitch-Tall.jpg "A little bit, but um, you know...I'm sorry, I'm at a loss for words and need to get my thoughts together." Then he did just that. "You know, it's a numbers game sometimes. They told me they want to get me the innings and right now I'm not getting the innings. Of course, I'm not happy, but what's done is done. There are no grudges held here. I'll go down and work my butt off to get back here," Bergesen said. "Short term thinking, I want to be up here in the bullpen. But what's best for my career? I think to be a starter, that's what is needed right now." It's been a tough few weeks for him. "Just to keep on dealing with adversity (what he has learned recently). I think I've done a good job with that and I'll continue to do so. Nothing was learned, nothing was lost down there (the bullpen time)." Bergesen admits he needs to get his sinker back to the consistent level where he had it working last season. "I think, consistently, it hasn't been there. There was a good stretch this year when I came back that it was. But the New York game, it was terrible and the rest is history." Bergesen allowed six runs in 2 1/3 in that June 2nd start vs. the Yankees. Getting innings, even in the minors, could be what is needed for Bergesen to get that consistency back. "It definitely helps. I'm a big feel guy and the more I'm on the mound, you can start to feel that. Right now, it's tough because I don't feel like I've lost it all (the sinker). I see it and then for a few pitches I don't. It's tough to pitch here like that." Bergesen is 3-4, 6.50 on the year in 12 outings, ten starts. He has allowed 75 hits over 54 innings. Coming in the next blog: Kevin Millwood talks about his recent struggles on the mound.

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