Big night for Matusz

Not a bad start. Brian Matusz out pitches Jarrod Washburn, who is second in the league in ERA and had pitched to an ERA of 0.74 over his last five starts. And for most of the night, the kid was a two-pitch pitcher, fastball and change. His last pitch of the night, when he struck out Raburn in the 5th was the slider I mentioned earlier today that ends up at a right-handed hitters foot. For most of tonight Matusz was struggling with his breaking pitches. Wonder what it will look like when the kid has it all working? One run and six hits over five innings. Great debut for a young man who at this time last year had not even signed with the O's yet. Let's not over react to one start, but let's certaInly give Matusz all he is due tonight. That was impressive and that was special. By the end of the night the O's have a chance to go 6-0 this year in games where their pitchers made Major League debuts this season.

Little help from the hitters please
Matusz wins his Major League debut as O's tame Tig...

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