Building the model franchise

Here is an interesting question. Is there a model franchise in baseball - one that all others could learn from and should emulate? In this article, a Texas Rangers' executive feels the Red Sox, Angels and Phillies are great franchises for others to emulate. What makes a good franchise? Is it one that produces a steady stream of talent through its farm system? Is it simply completely about wins, no matter what method you get them? Is about consistent winning or the ability to produce a potential World Champion every, say, five to ten years? Are the best franchises, the ones that are good in all areas - the farm, in free agency and in international signings? Is the general manager the most important person for a team and can a good one turn around any franchise, given the proper time and resources? A lot of questions that could produce many different answers. What is your take on what makes a model franchise? Is it all about the on-field record? Do marketing, attendance and TV ratings matter at all in the making of a strong, vibrant franchise? Feel free to offer your opinions today and I'll respond with a few as well. Also, what about the Orioles' current direction as a franchise? Are they going about trying to win the right way? Does playing in the AL East impact some or all of this? I look forward to reading your opinions and comments.

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