Cleaning out the notebook

Nick Markakis on the win: "It's big. You look at the past, we've fell short in those situations. We just did a great job all around. Our bullpen came in and got some big outs." Adam Jones on having Miguel Tejada on the team: "Me and Wiggy were talking about that and he said, 'Wait and see how Miggi really hits,' because I haven't had the opportunity to play with him. The last couple days, you could see it. You put him in a tough situation and he usually comes through." What was Jones' reaction when Tejada hit the homer? "I think first thing out of my mouth was a scream because it was a bomb. There's no quit in this team, tons of fight. I know things haven't been going our way so far this year, but it doesn't mean we're not going out there battling every day." How satisfying is it to finally win one like this? "Usually it seems like the Red Sox, they capitalize on everything that we do. It was good that we got a couple plays. The big call with Beltre and Hermida, that was a big call. And we never let the game get out of hand. It was always in striking distance and we struck." Red Sox pitcher John Lackey made the following observation about the Orioles: "They were hacking, man. They were swinging at everything I was throwing up there in the first inning. You've got to kind of take back the plate a little bit and mix things up." Take back the plate? Try doing that to Sidney Ponson and you'll end up with teeth marks on your arm.

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