Coaches remain on hold (updated)

It's been another relatively slow day, and I'm not complaining. I'm fine with the current pace after finishing up spring training and a 162-game season. It's not dead around here, but you have to feel around for a pulse. I called a few of the coaches to gauge whether they have a handle on their fates, and the universal answer is "no." They remain in a holding pattern and are still waiting to hear back from manager Buck Showalter, who flew home earlier this week. Showalter wasn't kidding when he said that he hadn't given the coaches any indication of his plans while meeting with them individually. I've been told that Showalter is waiting on two guys who have worked under him previously - an ex-manager and someone who's interviewing for a job - but the members of his current staff will be notified long before the World Series concludes. Showalter has said on more than one occasion that he wants to be fair to everyone, including the families. Maybe we'll know more later tonight or tomorrow, but I'm not making any promises. It's almost impossible when we haven't been given a firm date. I'd settle for a timetable with an uneven leg. Update: Forget about tonight. I wouldn't bet the mortgage on tomorrow, either - or the Rays to win their Division Series against the Rangers. Multiple people within the industry are convinced that hitting coach Terry Crowley will be retained next season. I've heard it from a few sources, but nothing is official. We'll continue to wait for confirmation. Whenever you've heard speculation about coaches from outside the organization with past ties to Showalter, a hitting coach hasn't been included in the discussions. At least not that I can recall.

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