Couldn't help but notice (1 more thing)

Brian Roberts began the game with a single, and Miguel Tejada swung at the first pitch and grounded into a routine double play. Can't recall if that's happened this season. Ty Wigginton stopped halfway between first and second because he wasn't certain if Jays first baseman Lyle Overbay fielded Adam Jones' sharp grounder in fair territory. He took a few more steps and stopped again before realizing it was a live ball. Wigginton dived into second without a throw, but I can't quite figure out why you'd hold up in that situation unless you decided that a rundown was your best option. Run hard until an umpire motions for you to go back. Jeremy Guthrie's fastball is hitting 96 mph. His velocity has improved at the same time as his results. The late Johnny Oates believed in putting his best defensive outfielder in left because he thought it was the most difficult position. That's a primary reason why Brady Anderson played left early in his career. I'm reminded of this while watching Corey Patterson commit another error, misplaying Adam Lind's single and allowing Vernon Wells to score from first base for a 1-0 lead. Left field has been an issue all season, no matter who starts. Patterson and Felix Pie are center fielders. Luke Scott might be the most competent, and he's never been known for his glove. As long as we're talking about left fielders, Nolan Reimold hit his eighth home run tonight for Triple-A Norfolk. Josh Bell added his 13th. Reimold also doubled, and they're a combined 4-for-4 with five RBIs. Reimold is serving as the Tides' designated hitter tonight, but he still fits into my left field theme.

Good Guts, but no glory (updated)
Three innings, 23 pitches

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