Crunching some Guerrero numbers

Good morning to everyone. Many thanks for the kind birthday wishes directed at my lovely daughter. I'm sure she'll expect more of them on the actual date (She's a Valentine's baby, and not the least bit spoiled.) I'll pass along some Justin Duchscherer quotes later today. You remember him, right? Veteran free-agent pitcher. Sort of a big deal until last night. Looking at some of Vladimir Guerrero's numbers, I'm just blown away by his consistency over 15 major league seasons. He's belted 436 career homers, but he's so much more than a thumper. He's a career .320 hitter who's finished below .300 only once since 1996, when he batted .295 with the Angels over 100 games in 2009. Guerrero is a career .325 hitter with a .994 OPS against left-handed pitching, and a .318 hitter with a .930 OPS vs. right-handers. And check out these stats: April: .321 average, .945 OPS May: 304 average, .903 OPS June: .334 average, .964 OPS July: .306 average, .906 OPS August: .327 average, .993 OPS September: .325 average, .953 OPS October: .300 average, .987 OPS Guerrero is a .319 hitter with a .931 OPS before the All-Star break, and a .321 hitter with a .963 OPS in the second half. He's also a career .333 hitter with a 1.011 OPS at Camden Yards, with nine homers and 30 RBIs in 126 at-bats. Guerrero is a lifetime .333 hitter with 24 homers, 78 RBIs and a 1.034 OPS against the Orioles. Now he's on their side. Andy Pettitte retired. Vernon Wells left the division. Roy Halladay remains in the National League. Maybe this is how you reverse a losing culture. It's certainly a turn in the right direction.

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