District 34 podcast: Episode 1

Don't you hate when you get stuck on the Metro and you're bored out of your mind? Or when you're stuck in rush hour traffic on the Capital Beltway and the radio is playing the same five songs over and over again? Whether you're on the Green Line going to or from a Nationals game at the Navy Yard or anywhere else around our nation's capital, you're stuck with the same old apps on your phone or no new music.

Well, we have a solution for you: District 34, a brand -new podcast dedicated to the Nationals and all things D.C. baseball.

nats-park-night-aerial-sidebar.jpgDistrict 34 will feature MASNsports.com Nats beat writer Byron Kerr and yours truly, editor Bobby Blanco. Starting this week, and every week through the season, we will discuss the latest in the Nationals' season. Whether it be the happenings at Nats Park or down on the farm, we will be bringing you, the fans, more coverage of your favorite ballclub.

We invite you to follow along and join us as we step into this popular, new form of media. We'll also be keeping an eye in the comments section of each week's post for your suggestions of possible discussion topics. And to add to future episodes, we hope to have special guests join us throughout the season (yes, we're already looking at MASN's Dan Kolko).

For our first episode, we take a look at the Nationals' first couple of months in 2016. We talk a lot about new manager Dusty Baker and what he's brought to the club already while at the helm. We also look at some of the changes he's made to his lineups and how they've affected Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth and newcomer Daniel Murphy.

Comment with your thoughts on the new skipper and his lineup changes, and we'll be sure to reply. We hope you enjoy the debut episode of District 34!

Note: The District 34 podcast will be recorded each week; therefore, all Nationals records and statistics will be current at the time of recording, but may be different when the episode is downloaded.

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