Do the O's take enough pitches?

If you think the Orioles are not taking enough pitches and working the count well right now, you are probably right. As of yesterday, the Orioles as a team saw 3.63 pitches per plate appearance and that ranked next to last in the Majors. They were ahead of only San Francisco at 3.56. Dave-Trembley_Grey-Tall.jpg Dave Trembley felt the stat gets played up more because the club is losing. He said today he felt the team was doing a better job working the count earlier in games, but was more aggressive at the bat later in the game. "Crowley emphasizes working the count. We have the scouting reports on all the pitchers. There is room for improvement there. "But we have been emphasizing that, not once or twice or three times." I read that comment to mean the skipper noticed the poor count management too and wondered why the players, who have been told about it, are not doing a better job. Being 29th in the Majors in any stat is not good. Yes, we notice it more when the club is struggling to score runs. Right now, the O's have scored just nine runs the last four games with six coming last night. After picking up 12 extra-base hits in the season-opening series, the O's have just 10 in the last five games. By the way, Felix Pie is not starting vs. lefty David Price today despite going 5 for 8 the last two games. Pie hit .250 vs. lefties last year and this year is 0-1 vs. the southpaws and 7 for 15 vs. right-handed pitching.

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