Do we have a rivalry yet?

With this weekend's series at Nationals Park, the O's and Nats will kick off the interleague portions of their 2010 schedules. Ty-Wigginton_Interleague-Play.jpg Since the first interleague game on June 12, 1997, we've watched 13 seasons of mixed play. After five seasons during which each division played against its same division from the opposing league (the AL East met the NL East in the first years of interleague play), the current format was later adopted in 2002. Today, we watch the O's face teams from various divisions, including the Nationals, Mets, Giants, Padres and Marlins of the NL East and NL West this season. In Dave Trembley's latest video journal, he touched on the differences between interleague play and everyday games within the American League. The O's skipper says interleague play is a different game, but a fun one for fans and players. "It keeps everybody in the game and the game can change really quickly. It's a lot faster game without a DH," Trembley said in the video segment. Overall, the Orioles go into 2010 interleague play with a 101-128 record, and they're 18-21 all-time against the Nationals; 9-13 versus the Mets; 4-2 against the Padres; 3-3 versus the Giants; and 5-16 against the Marlins. Heading into this weekend's series, the Orioles are coming off a 4-2 season record after matchups against their neighbors to the south last season, and another "Battle of the Beltway" will kick off in DC. So O's fans, do see O's-Nats as a rivalry in this area? If not, do you think there ever will be contention between the two neighboring clubs? Note: Today's O's Xtra poll question also asks for your favorite thing about interleague play. Cast your vote by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.
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