Do you see what I see?

Once again, I give you three moments from tonight's game that jumped out at me and almost knocked me over. 1. Jeremy Guthrie has been high and tight to Vladimir Guerrero in three at-bats, and Guerrero looks like he's contemplating a trip to the mound. As I noted earlier today, Guerrero was 1-for-17 lifetime against Guthrie before tonight, so I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but it's getting a little tense. My guess would be that Guthrie is wild, because he's buzzed a few other hitters, as well. 2. Two errors in the same inning. Craig Tatum, the catch-and-throw backup, bounces a throw into center field, and Guthrie skips a pickoff throw past first baseman Ty Wigginton. Interim manager Juan Samuel seethed in the dugout. He didn't move a muscle, but enough smoke poured out of his ears that I thought we might have elected a new pope. 3. The Orioles keep pitching to Josh Hamilton. I'd instruct Tatum to hold up four fingers and walk him. If I'm Guthrie and I'm forced to pitch to Hamilton, I'm looking into my dugout and holding up one finger. Then I'm walking Hamilton. I also noticed that Guthrie appeared to shake off Tatum a few times in the same inning. Might not mean a thing, but I noticed it.

Pie's impact (updated)
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