Don't know weather or not they play

See what I did there? I drove in a steady rain to Camden Yards this afternoon, but it wasn't coming down hard enough to warrant an umbrella for the walk to home plate plaza. And that's the extent of my expertise on predicting the weather. I'm told it's supposed to storm around 8:00 p.m. tonight. A 100 percent chance, according to one person in the press box. The Orioles won't postpone the game anytime soon. That's never been their style, not with a field that drains this effectively and that proverbial window that always exists. I can't save you the drive or make you feel any better about it by telling you what's going to happen. We're all in the dark as the gray clouds drift over our heads. Meanwhile, still no announcement of a roster move. I figure we would have heard something by now, so the Orioles might put off that decision for another day or two. They're about as easy to predict as the weather.

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