Draft signing deadline day dawns

So the deadline day to sign draft picks has finally arrived. We are all probably glad that after midnight tonight, or perhaps even earlier we can hope, no one will have to ask the question "Will the O's sign Manny Machado?" Joe-Jordan_Tall.gif Last night, I reported that the O's signed two more picks: pitcher Jaime Esquivel taken in the 28th round and pitcher Alex Schmarzo, taken in round 48. Check my blog throughout this day and night - Any updates I get will be posted as soon as possible. Also, later today I'll post updates on Brandon Erbe and Dan Klein, as well as a piece with Joe Jordan's comments on the likelihood that the O's will not sign their sixth-round pick. I'll also have quotes from Gil Kubski, the area scout that watched Klein pitch at UCLA. Plus, Jordan quotes on the possibilities of signing others than Machado today. So, there will be many blogs posted here today on a variety of topics with breaking news as warranted. Most are still anticipating that the Orioles will sign Machado, but that it won't happen until tonight, possibly right near the midnight deadline. Some reports have his representative, Scott Boras, seeking a signing bonus of over six million. The final number could also end up somewhere between five and six million. There is almost no good reason for this deal not to get done. The O's knew by taking Machado that Boras would be on the other side of the negotiation and that they would have to cut a huge check to get him. Machado knows he could turn the O's down and play for a junior college for a year and then re-enter the draft. But would his stock ever be any higher than it is now? Jim Calllis of Baseball America told me last week he was 99.9 percent certain Machado would sign with the O's. It's going to be a long day, but check back here where I'll hope to provide some interesting posts to keep your day going and please feel free to write in with all the questions you have and I'll check back to answer them often today. I interviewed O's seventh-round pick, pitcher Matt Bywater on Sunday. He told me the door is still open for him to sign a deal with the Orioles. Is it midnight yet? For your info, here are the reported bonuses that the O's have handed out to some picks: Round 3, RHP Dan Klein: $499,900 Round 4, OF Trent Mummey: $252,000 Round 5, IF Conner Narron: $650,000 Round 8, C Wynston Sawyer: $300,000 Round 9, RHP Parker Bridwell: $625,000 Round 10, RHP Clay Schrader: $300,000 Round 28, RHP Jaime Esquivel: $225,000 My fearless prediction on some picks that could be signed today: Machado, Matt Bywater (round 7), Alexander Gonzalez (round 11) and Austin Urban (round 27).

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