Guest bloggers joining Nationals Buzz

After a week of visiting with familiar faces in NatsTown South, I remembered how close-knit this community of baseball lovers can be at times. It certainly feels like a family - or to reach back to a favorite sitcom theme song, "a place where everybody knows your name." As you probably know, fans in this market are lucky to have so many quality fan-generated blogs covering this team and providing unique perspectives in sophisticated ways. You may already be reading the dozens of popular, well-written blogs that cover the Nationals, but MASN wants to showcase that content in a new way. Starting April 4, Nationals Buzz will feature content from of our favorite Nationals bloggers. Each week, one guest blogger will offer news, perspective, analysis or whatever content they want to share with our readers. Our hope is that this experiment will generate a lot of deliberation and discussion, while exposing our readers to new voices. First, you'll hear from Dave Nichols from Nats News Network and as the season goes on, we'll be joined by Rachel Levitin of We Love D.C., Will Yoder of The Nats Blog and Drew Kinback of Nationals Inquisition. After the All-Star Break, we'll add even more voices to the mix. Nats Buzz will still feature the content you've grown used to reading here, but we want to share the space with other bloggers and make this a fun, friendly, interactive place to discuss the Nationals, much like gathering to discuss the team at your neighborhood sports bar.

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