Guthrie vs. Girardi II

It's raining here, it's raining in New York. Please give me some baseball weather while this team's on a roll. Do you think Jeremy Guthrie and Joe Girardi will talk around the batting cage today? Maybe shake hands, share a man-hug? Guthrie has hit more Yankees than any other team in his career. They fall like ducks at a shooting gallery. He drilled two in spring training, including Mark Teixeira, and nailed Jorge Posada in the ankle in his last start. Jeremy_Guthrie-Home-Pitching-Tall.jpg Posada left the game. Girardi wanted Guthrie to follow him, and keep walking until he learned how to pitch inside. Girardi basically called out Guthrie afterward, which didn't sit well with the Orioles. Then again, they weren't thrilled with the way Girardi yelled at Guthrie from the dugout during that spring training game in Tampa. So will Girardi be inside Guthrie's head tonight? Will there be room if a stadium full of angry fans wants to join him? "That's up to Guthrie to handle that," manager Dave Trembley said before yesterday's game. "I'm not aware of what Joe said because I don't see that stuff. We'll have to see. I think Guthrie's a big enough guy and should be strong enough both mentally and physically to go in there and pitch a good game. He's had three or four days here to prepare himself accordingly. We'll see how he reacts." Guthrie is 3-7 with a 5.21 ERA in 13 career appearances against New York, and allowed six earned runs (seven total) and six hits in 4 2/3 innings on Wednesday. He's 0-2 with a 7.11 ERA at the new Yankee Stadium. "Obviously, he's going to be in the biggest arena in the world pitching at Yankee Stadium, as far as attention on you. We'll see how he handles it. I have every reason to believe he might just surprise you. He might throw a gem. Guthrie likes challenges," Trembley said. "I think he has something to prove from they way he pitched the other night. I think he has something to prove to himself. That's the biggest person you've got to prove it to is yourself."

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