Hernandez talks about going on the DL

Pitcher David Hernandez officially went on the disabled list this afternoon, a move that he was pretty sure was coming. "Today it was a little more sore than yesterday, so they put me on the disabled list. "Richie (Bancells) told me it's seven to ten days at the earliest so they are going to send me down to Sarasota and I assume, throw in a game or two down there and then, as far as I know, I should be ready." Hernandez sprained his left ankle covering home plate in the seventh inning last night. He knows now he will have to wait a while for a second chance to show Buck Showalter what he can do, after giving up hits to two of the three batters he faced on Wednesday. "I'm more disappointed that we have a new manager and you want to show him what you are able to do and last night wasn't a good start. I look forward to being out there as soon as possible again. "I can walk on it, it's just the rotation. It's really sore in the ankle, it's the landing foot and that plays a role into it." Hernandez, who is 4-3 with two saves and a 3.29 ERA (27.1IP, 10ER) in 25 appearances out of the bullpen after making eight starts in the rotation to begin the season, will stay with the O's for the next few days before heading to Sarasota on Monday or Tuesday. He wasn't sure if he will pitch in Gulf Coast League games or elsewhere in the O's minors when he recovers from his ankle sprain and before he gets reactivated. By the way, be sure to be here tomorrow around Noon.
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